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The Richie Pérez Interviews


Richard Pérez, also known as Richie, was a renowned advocate for human rights and social justice for Hispanics. In 1969 he served his community by joining the Young Lords, a Puerto Rican rights group, later becoming deputy minister of information. As a nationalist organization, Young Lords gained notoriety for their radical and nonviolent campaigns. In Spanish Harlem, they demonstrated their message in community oriented acts, like commandeering a city medical vehicle to perform tuberculosis tests in poor neighborhoods.

In the 1980s, the Community Service Society, a nonprofit group that served the poor, named Pérez director of community development. During his time served as director, Pérez lobbied against racially motivated violence and implemented strategies to increase voter registration. In the early 1980s, Pérez also became a founding member of The National Congress for Puerto Rican Rights and served as their national coordinator. Throughout his later years, Pérez spoke out against many controversial issues in the Puerto Rican community, particularly police brutality and racial profiling.

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Richie Pérez Interview, Tape 1

Interview with Richie Pérez. Pérez discusses the origins of Young Lords and its transformation into an activist organization and political party that supported the Puerto Rican community and effected positive social change. He also speaks about the impact of the Young Lords as an inspiration of the Black Liberation Movement and Black Panther Party.

A longtime advocate for the Puerto Rican…

Richie Pérez Interview, Tape 2

Interview with Richie Pérez. Pérez discusses the development of the Puerto Rican Alliance, the Black and Latino Coalition Against Police Brutality, and the Committee Against Fort Apache, and the need to create stronger alliances and cooperative efforts across communities. He speaks about how these groups dealt with racism and other civil rights issues.

A longtime advocate for the Puerto Rican…