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Josephine Nieves Interview, Tape 2

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Continuation of Josephine Nieves interview. Ms. Nieves talks about how the Puerto Rican Youth Conference forum dissolves due to differences with city governance. Moreover, the different priorities within the organization’s members give way to the fracturing and formation of new groups. There are divides between first and second generation members. The city governance also prefers to give money to tiny organizations instead of a strong block. The splintering gives way to various important institutions, such as the “Multi Service Center”, “Foster Care Project”, “Puerto Rican Family Institute” and “ASPIRA”. The city’s “Anti-Poverty Community Service Agency” would dictate the city’s program money. Ms. Nieves then delves into how political groups like “The Young Lords” give way to the prioritization of Puerto Rican Studies. Social service groups were not viewed as mechanism for social change until the Young Lords movement and student group movements came into the picture.

Ms. Nieves begins to discuss how programs heavily dependent of public money became captured and entrenched by the political system. She discusses her disappointment with some programs that slowly became ceremonial and ineffective due to their dependence on political money and influence.

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Tape 2 of 2. First 10 minutes of side A are in Spanish.