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Anthony John Alvarado is an educator and administrator who served from 1983 to 1984 as the New York City School Chancellor. He managed the operation of the largest public school district in the United States as the school system's first Hispanic Chancellor. He was forced to step down amid questions of financial misconduct but later earned national distinction as the leader of an innovative Manhattan school district. He left New York City’s public school system to become Chancellor of Instruction of the San Diego School system from 1998 to 2003. In 2007, Mr. Alvarado joined the faculty at Stanford University School of Education.

“I believe and work under the theory that the problem is the capacity of the system. It is what the adults know and are able to do that is the primary issue at hand. It has nothing to do with who kids are or what they are doing, what do they know, what about their parents, what about their poverty level, what about the, it is what the adults in that school know and are able to do.” (Alvarado interview, 4/20/01)

In this interview, Mr. Alvarado discusses his family history, his grandparents’ role in his upbringing and the importance his parents placed on education. Mr. Alvarado obtained his undergraduate degree in English and a Masters in Education from Fordham University. He then taught elementary, junior high and high school students. He discusses working at New York University and at City College of New York in administrative positions. He also talks about about being the principal of Rafael Hernandez Elementary School for a year. He discusses how he focused on the educational needs of Puerto Ricans, job-hopping to meet needs where required.

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Puerto Rican oral history interview #118