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Marion Ortiz Kittleson-Villanueva is a retired teacher and community leader on the Big Island. In 1984 she served as chairperson of Boricua Hawaiiana, an exhibit that illustrated the history and contribution of Puerto Ricans to Hawaii’s culture. In 1985, Ms. Kettleson-Villanueva along with other Puerto Ricans from the various Hawaiian Islands, made a pilgrimage to Puerto Rico. To honor their ancestors, they placed a plaque at the port of Guánica from which the emigrants had departed in the early 1900s.

This audiotape consists of an interview of Marion Ortiz Kittleson-Villanueva conducted in 1986 by Alma Latina-Radio KISA in Hawaii. Ms. Kittleson-Villanueva describes the experiences of a group of Puerto Rican Hawaiians’ first pilgrimage to Puerto Rico in 1985. The group dedicated a plaque at the port Guánica where their ancestors departed their homeland in the early 1900s.

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